Yoga Classes

 We offer a diverse range of classes open to all levels; including workshops and private classes for the experienced yogis or new students, seniors, students experiencing injury or those wanting to slow down and fine tune their practice. Accessible to any and all body types. Please register for class 



Morning Hatha Yoga- Tuesday's 9:30 am Friday's 9:45 am

Start your day with this beginner Yoga class taking you step by step into each pose

focusing on alignment, breathe, and awareness. $10 drop in $25 5 sessions punch card 

Relax - Restore - Rejuvenate - Wednesday's at 6 pm 

with our Restorative Yoga Stretch Class

This class will help restore and stretch tight muscles while opening areas in the hips, shoulders,

lower back etc. with emphasis on holding the poses longer. $10 drop - $32 5 sessions punch card

Yoga Flow - Thursday's at 6:00 pm

This style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath.

 helping to develop a more balanced body as well as prevent repetitive motion injuries that can happen if you are always doing the same thing every day. Drop in $10 /punch card $32 - 5 sessions


Private Yoga Sessions

Privates Yoga sessions are available for groups such as athletes, runners, or any group to help there performance.  or for one-on-one sessions looking for a more private class to work for your schedule. $35 per student








Gentle Yoga – Strengthen & Stretch

Strengthen and Stretch pairs gentle, lengthening movements with strengthening, balance poses and breath work. With a strong focus on body awareness, alignment, and supported modifications, this 90m class seeks to help students gain both strength and flexibility. Positions are supine, seated, standing, kneeling, and prone. A chair, blocks, and straps may be used to offer support and modifications.

Local 90m Group Classes at Nature’s Fountain in Powell, TN

  • Wednesday 9am

Chair Yoga  

Chair Yoga is an adapted, gentle form of yoga practiced while sitting on a chair or while standing and using the chair for support. This form of yoga is accessible to all and is especially beneficial for those seeking to increase mobility, coordination, strength, and balance. This 45 minute class incorporates breathing exercises, stretching and strengthening postures, body awareness exercises, and a final relaxation.


Local 45m Group Classes at Nature’s Fountain in Powell, TN

  • Wednesday 11am

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